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Our Mission

Our mission is crystal clear. As you know, there are many unresolved issues regarding children today in America. Our mission is to attack many of these issues, by providing immediate resolutions. We build strong relationships within the Unified School Systems in America. Through these School Systems, we are able to reach these needy children; who lack Family security, food, shelter, clothing, mental and medical support. We are seeking a long term relationship with you. Your financial support will help us accomplish our mission.

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Our Initiatives

We are actively involved in serving the needs of children across America. We need your financial support and contributions to assist us in accomplishing our objective. Our goal is to educate healthy mental, physical and productive children in America.



Action speaks louder than words. The action that you take today will assist us with achieving the great American dream. Every child should be seen, heard and developed into a productive citizen of the United States of America. Your financial support today will make the greatest difference in a child's life. The truth is, we need your support. 

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Your contribution to the United Rangers of America helps us serve children nonprofits across America.

Your generous support helps all charitable nonprofits advance their missions – and benefits the many communities and causes they serve.

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